September, 2016


Social Media Marketing-Incorporating Images

Social Media Marketing and Images- Why it’s Important

When you read books as a child, you probably thought that the pictures were more fun to look at than the text. Photos are easy for our minds to process because they tell the story for us; they are filled with color, and symbolism. A photo can answer many questions very quickly.

When you enjoyed an outing with family or friends last weekend, can you say you took at least one photo with your smartphone? We know someone did, and that photo represented who they were with, where they were, why they were there, etc. For most Facebook users, seeing photos of  friends and family in the Facebook news feed is a daily occurrence. This is because people want you to see what they are doing not just read about it. People want to share information and they are aware that photos get the message across in a fast and powerful way.

Social media channels are one example of how images are shared in our daily lives, but images are also widely used in advertising, marketing, entertainment, and every other industry you can think of. Here are some reasons why your business needs to be incorporating photos into your Facebook profile and page:

Photos have a positive effect on Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm. If you’ve never heard of this, now is the time to learn. Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm decides what stories will be seen in your news feed. If your stories are considered to be boring (if no one ever engages “likes”, shares or comments your posts) your friends have a much less likely chance of seeing your posts because Facebook will decide they are not relevant. What is the point of using Facebook for your business if your friends aren’t seeing your content? However, images carry more Edgerank weight meaning more people see a post containing an image VS straight text. Also people are more likely to “like” or comment on an image and in turn, the overall engagement and popularity of your content will strengthen, allowing a higher percentage of views for each of your posts.

The “likes” and comments your business page will receive. Whether it is a funny animal or the most popular meme of the week, as long as you think it’s funny or interesting, someone else will too. The more your photo attracts interest with your audience, the more shares and likes you’ll get.

When your photo is shared, it can go viral. Have you ever seen a photo that said something like “If I get 1 million likes, my wife will let me get a bunny”? A photo like that can have millions of “likes”! This is because when Facebook user A “likes” Facebook user B’s photo, all of Facebook user A’s friends can see this in their news feed. User A’s friends can now “like” the photo as well, and the trend continues. The potential of easily reaching thousands of Facebook users with just one photo is phenomenal. When it comes to using images to promote yourself online Facebook makes it almost too easy to get exposure.

Photos tell stories, raise questions, and add personality to your page. If you always update your status like this: “Our insurance agency offers the best rates around! Call us today!”. People will most likely see your posts as boring and continue scrolling down their Facebook news feed without engaging anything you have written. However, if you were to add some imagery such as a shocking photo that people can relate to (i.e. a fender-bender, a tree falling onto a house) and put that same phrase over the photo people tend to show much more interest. The image told a story and caught someone’s attention, your Facebook friends/fans may now have questions like “what happened?”

Photos make an impression. Have you ever heard of someone having a photographic memory? Most people do. When someone on Facebook sees an image of a person using your new product or service the image makes an impact. The image tells the story of how the product is used and can help someone to visualize him or herself using the product. If you post text alone to explain your product, users may be less likely to remember, or if they do remember you, they may be more skeptical and less inclined to trust your product than if you had included an image.

Photos will make your page more vibrant and colorful. When a business requests you as a friend or someone suggests you like a page the first thing you usually do is look over the content. What if all the posts are black and white? Just text, text, and more text? Wouldn’t it be more interesting if you visited the same page but instead there were timeline photos, photos of products and services, etc.? If people can see what a business has to offer right away, or can feel the fun upbeat vibe of a company the page will spark more interest. People will have the impression that the company is a reputable business that cares enough to take the time to help their potential and current consumers visualize their product or message.

There are many ways that photos enhance your presence over social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pintrest. However, constantly developing fresh content can be challenging and finding or creating photos that tell your story can be time consuming. Set goals for posting images by aiming for about 2-3 per week.

The social media specialists at Impact develop and manage social media marketing content. We will create and implement a social media strategy that incorporates the use of images for your business. If you would like to learn more about our social media management services give us a call (201) 961-3254 or e-mail us info@isnwebsites.com

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